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Snail mail

Aussie stamp watermarked

A cheering treat at the end of a tiresome week.


Words – 5 Brain fog

Impaired cognitive ability is a feature of ME/CFS. It’s probably why yesterday I struggled to remember what children do with dandelion seed heads. And came up with the wrong answer.

This morning my insomnia and pain-addled brain randomly sparked the correct memory. They are called dandelion clocks, not puffs. The number of puffs it takes blow off the seeds is the time of day. Or so the folklore said.

Sometimes I worry about the mistakes I make and never notice.


w scooter

If, like me, you enjoy drawing as well as photography do scoot along to Michael Nobbs’ Sustainably Creative website to find out more about his new book Drawing Your Life which will be published on 5th March. There’s also an opportunity to win a signed copy of Drawing your Life on this page.

You’ll find oodles of other inspiration on the Sustainably Creative website for maintaining an enjoyable artistic practice whether you are challenged by limited time or energy, or just not sure where to start.

Words – 4

I find old photographs which document social history utterly fascinating – Spitalfields Life is an excellent source of links to wonderful archives of interesting photographs. I’m also quite happy to while away an hour looking at old albums of photos and occasionally buy old prints of complete strangers that catch my eye.

My personal archive of photographs taken over the last 40 years or so is much smaller than I would wish and often a testament to my inability to focus a manual SLR! However I’ve recently been reviewing my old prints and I thought that some of them may be of interest to others as a small glimpses into ordinary life in the 1970s.

I’ve been surprised as I look at images scanned in from old and faded prints how much more detail I can see in some of them. A bit of tweaking to adjust exposure, contrast etc has also improved some of the images so they look rather better than the originals. Hope you enjoy them.

Words – 3 Plans for November

I like the idea of being the sort of person who can keep up a regular commitment ad infinitum, but both my temperament and health issues are against me on that front! So, having proved to myself that I can post every day for two months running, I’m not going to commit a third consecutive month of daily posts.

Instead I’ll be posting as and when I’ve got images I want to share, which will hopefully be quite often (maybe even more than once a day!), but I’m spared the effort of finding something to post on days when I really need to spend the time on something else. It doesn’t take long to take a photograph and it doesn’t take long to post on the blog, but it sometimes takes a very long time to edit a batch of images and choose which to post…

Many thanks again to all who visit, especially those who leave a comment or like so I can follow the links and discover new blogs to enjoy.

Words – 2

When I started pocketcameraphotoblogger I deliberately chose not to commit myself publicly or privately to daily posting to avoid pressure and what seemed like fairly inevitable failure-due-to-being-ill. At the beginning of September I set myself a private one month “post every day” challenge and (yay me!) I’ve done it! Visitor stats have gone up, I’ve had some lovely feedback, discovered new blogs to visit and I’ve even inspired someone else to start their own photoblog. All of which is very satisfying indeed.

Naturally as a new month starts I’ve been thinking about what to do next. Whether to make an absolute commitment to daily posting for the foreseeable future, to change the commitment to five times a week instead of seven, to go back to not having a specific goal or (and this is what I’ve decided on) to simply renew the “every day for a month” challenge for October. The difference is that it’s now a publicly stated goal rather a private one, so the pressure to succeed is slightly greater!

Many thanks to all who visit pocketcameraphotoblogger and encourage me by commenting (via WP or other methods), clicking “like” or simply adding to the stats counter. Thanks also to all the other photobloggers who share their images for me to appreciate and be inspired by. And special thanks to Ian of Rambling Pictures fame for getting me started in the first place and for ongoing support.

And now on to October’s challenge… First a picture of the moon to celebrate the new month, but expect to see a lot of autumn leaves!

Words – 1

From time to time I’m going to post a series of images on a particular theme as a change from my usual random shots. The first theme is “sunset” and I’ll be posting one image a day for the next seven days. All the pictures were taken from the back of my house. Thanks to Nature’s lighting effects (and a photo editor) I can create quite a variety of different images even though the view from my window is only the backs of some rather ugly 1930s semis…

I hope you enjoy my first “exhibition”!