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Morris Traveller, runner beans and English weather

w Morris Traveller

I do love Morris Travellers and it’s nice seeing this one around my neighbourhood from time to time.


Refuelling at Land’s End

w Scillies - refuelling at Land's End

From my print archive.

On the way back from the Scillies we had to stopover at Land’s End for the plane to be refuelled. This was an unexpected highlight of the holiday for me, like taking a step back in time to the early days of air travel. The plane bumped a little passing over the cliffs and then we were flying low over the grass – I could see the daisies! Touchdown was as smooth as silk.

We had to disembark while the plane was refuelled for safety reasons, but were free to wander around outside the terminal building chatting to our pilots and watching the airport crew at work. I enjoyed that journey immensely – much better than travelling on the boat or in a scary helicopter!

On the boat to Tresco

w Scillies - on the boat to Tresco
From my print archive.

Today is ME Awareness Day – this image from a long-ago holiday in the Isles of Scilly is in memory of the life I had Before ME. When I could travel, spend long days walking in beautiful places, eat what I liked, get a little drunk and get up the next day and do it all again. When I could work all day, curse at the commute, spend the evening with friends at the cinema, theatre or a concert, eat what I liked… etc. When housework, shopping, gardening and personal paperwork got fitted in between everything else without a thought. Normal life – a treasure beyond measure.


w scooter

If, like me, you enjoy drawing as well as photography do scoot along to Michael Nobbs’ Sustainably Creative website to find out more about his new book Drawing Your Life which will be published on 5th March. There’s also an opportunity to win a signed copy of Drawing your Life on this page.

You’ll find oodles of other inspiration on the Sustainably Creative website for maintaining an enjoyable artistic practice whether you are challenged by limited time or energy, or just not sure where to start.