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Wings and water

juvenile seagull in flight watermarked

A juvenile herring gull takes flight over the sea.

Neither my camera or my skills are really up to capturing birds in flight, but I enjoy trying. Keep shooting and eventually you hit something.

This crop is only a very small part of the original image and not quite in focus, but I love the shape of the bird, the way the light catches it and the minimalist palette of colours.

From 30 October 2013.


Sea pinks on St Mary’s

w Scillies - sea pinks St Mary's

From my print archive.

Another image from my visit to the Scillies. I can’t remember the year – late 1980s or early ’90s, but it was definitely the second week in May. I’m 95% sure this was taken on St Mary’s, but I might be wrong – the price you pay for not labeling things at the time.

On the boat to Tresco

w Scillies - on the boat to Tresco
From my print archive.

Today is ME Awareness Day – this image from a long-ago holiday in the Isles of Scilly is in memory of the life I had Before ME. When I could travel, spend long days walking in beautiful places, eat what I liked, get a little drunk and get up the next day and do it all again. When I could work all day, curse at the commute, spend the evening with friends at the cinema, theatre or a concert, eat what I liked… etc. When housework, shopping, gardening and personal paperwork got fitted in between everything else without a thought. Normal life – a treasure beyond measure.