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Pigeons aren’t stupid

bird scarer - w

Bird scarer: Piss off pigeon.
Pigeon: Piss off yourself.

I watched for a while, but all the pigeons occupying the roof seemed entirely indifferent to the big black kite swooping over their heads.

A long shot from my iPhone 5.


Protective parent

jackdaw watermkd
Not at all grateful that I’d just stopped my cat from threatening its offspring, it gave me an earful of abuse too. There were two or three other adult jackdaws also squawking and flapping about on protection duty. Two minutes of backyard Hitchcock.

Magnolia opened

w open magnolia
Since I took the photo of the buds I’ve been hoping to capture the same flowers in full bloom against a blue sky. Yesterday was my best opportunity, though the sky wasn’t completely clear. It was later in the day, so the light isn’t as good as the first shot. Still, I’m pleased to have completed the little assignment I set myself. It’s been raining all night, so the blooms will be spoilt now. It seems to be a law of nature that it pours with rain as soon as the magnolias are in full bloom.