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Worthing’s seedy side

derelict building - w

“Seediness has a very deep appeal… It seems to satisfy, temporarily, the sense of nostalgia for something lost; it seems to represent a stage further back.”

Graham Greene Journey Without Maps

Yes. This scene looks like the 1970s to me. A shit-heap of a decade in many ways, but nothing looks too bad from inside a strong young body.


Yes, it has been quite a while!

Version 2
Over the past few years my health declined to a point where I needed to let a lot of things go. Thankfully, I’m improving a bit now and trying to decide which threads to pick up again. Reviving this blog is a first step back into sharing my creative endeavours online.

I haven’t spent all of the time since my last post wandering hospital corridors, but I had an appointment this morning and thought that another shot of the same view as my last post would be a good restarting point. I prefer the composition of the October 2013 image, but this one is brighter and sharper so perhaps that’s a good omen.

I have taken quite a lot of photos during my time out from blogging, so I’ll be posting from my recent archives as well as uploading images as I take them.