Perennial runner beans

perennial runner beans - w
Last year’s runner beans proving that, given the right conditions, the dormant roots will survive to sprout again the next year. The right conditions in this case being a mild winter and a gardener who didn’t get round to clearing the old plants away in the autumn.


5 thoughts on “Perennial runner beans

    1. pcpb Post author

      They are just ordinary runner beans 🙂 I read somewhere a few years ago that they can be treated as perennials, but I’ve never actually tried to grown them as such. They only got their chance this year because I was so slow getting started with things this year. They didn’t start to sprout until towards the end of May, if I remember correctly.


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  2. Emma Cooper

    Ooh, they’re lovely! The traditional advice on overwintering runner beans is to dig up the roots and store them in the shed (like dahlia tubers) – most people think that’s too much of a faff to be worth it! If they can simply overwinter in mild weather that’s a much easier option 😉


    1. pcpb Post author

      Thanks, Emma! They are amazingly lush and prolific despite this being their second year in the same pot of compost. I am feeding them, of course, but I’m still surprised at how well they are doing. I doubt I’ll get round to digging them up, but I might drag the pot into the shed in the autumn to give them some protection. I’ve also seen it suggested that the roots in the ground are covered with a deep hay or straw mulch for winter protection.



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