Stag beetle

stag beetle (female - w
It’s lucky for this female stag beetle that I’m an untidy gardener. It’s a mystery how she got in there, but the rustling of the old dry leaves as she tried to escape from a long unused terracotta pot caught my attention last night. I was thrilled to see her as I’ve only seen one (male) stag beetle before.

After taking some pictures I liberated the beetle onto the lawn near some shrubs. I tucked some old bits of untreated wood under the bushes for her future offspring to feed on. Well, you can but hope.

stag beetle and coin - wIn case you’ve never seen a stag beetle here’s Ms Beetle next to a 50p coin to give you an idea of how big they are. I measured her as a little under 4cm long.

Stag beetles are a protected species in the UK and I reported my find to the People’s Trust for Endangered Species and Sussex Wildlife Trust.


2 thoughts on “Stag beetle

  1. Ian

    When they fly in the early evening, our cats go crazy and try and jump to catch them – you can hear them coming – lovely creatures.


    1. pcpb Post author

      That must be a sight to see 🙂 I wonder if this one ended up in the plant pot after being chased by a cat.



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