Dried daffodils


4 thoughts on “Dried daffodils

  1. Steve

    Beautiful light.
    In honesty not my favourite flower.
    I love to see wild daffs growing naturally, but there seems to be a neglected clump in virtually every garden, including my own, which look out of place IMHO.
    But this image shows they have beauty when fading as much as, if not more than, when they are in full bloom.


  2. pcpb Post author

    Not my favourite flower either – I prefer the small, more delicate varieties. I bought a pot of Tete a Tete to brighten up the kitchen in January and enjoyed watching the flowers dry out. It was the way the light caught on them that I wanted to capture and given the limitations of my kit I’m really please with the result. I’m glad that it’s given you a different impression of cultivated daffodils 🙂 .

    Many verges around here are disfigured with huge blocks of viciously yellow daffodils in spring, which are an insult to the species in my opinion!



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