Guardians of the spare wheel


2 thoughts on “Guardians of the spare wheel

  1. Ian

    Quirky but fun, well spotted. Did you know that here in Spain, the village where they filmed the smurf movie has decided to leave their houses painted blue (they were all painted smurf blue for the film). It has become a visitor attraction and the village are reaping the rewards of the extra revenue in shops, bars and hotels.


    1. pcpb Post author

      They were so clean I think they must have been just put there and I thought I’d add them to my collection of curiosities. Did car the owner put them there? Or were they put there by a friend? Or a stranger? Questions questions… Interesting link, thanks 🙂 . I don’t think I’d like to live somewhere that was a cartoon character tourist attraction myself, but I guess people have to make a living however they can these days!



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