Tall trees


5 thoughts on “Tall trees

  1. Bugs

    That’s a lovely image. I used to stand at the base of big old Scots pines in Wisley and stare up until I was dizzy and had to hold on – I highly recommend it if you can cope with the odd looks! This would be a lovely picture to see the same image in spring, summer etc.


    1. pcpb Post author

      Thank you Bugs. I love looking up into trees myself – especially in spring when the leaves are young and the sun shines though them. I like the idea of a series of images of the same tree/scene, but I’m not sure I’m together enough to organise it. A friend took three photos of the park near her home every Saturday for a whole year. It makes a very impressive record of the changing seasons.

      I can’t photograph these particular trees again because I no longer remember where I took the picture. It was (I think) a Forestry Commission car-park somewhere near the Devil’s Punchbowl, but I was just mooching about exploring country lanes on my way home and just stopped for a few minutes to take some pictures.


  2. sand625

    Love these POV sky/tree shots – there’s something…otherworldly about naked branches against the sky and no other points of reference. Lovely.



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