Words – 3 Plans for November

I like the idea of being the sort of person who can keep up a regular commitment ad infinitum, but both my temperament and health issues are against me on that front! So, having proved to myself that I can post every day for two months running, I’m not going to commit a third consecutive month of daily posts.

Instead I’ll be posting as and when I’ve got images I want to share, which will hopefully be quite often (maybe even more than once a day!), but I’m spared the effort of finding something to post on days when I really need to spend the time on something else. It doesn’t take long to take a photograph and it doesn’t take long to post on the blog, but it sometimes takes a very long time to edit a batch of images and choose which to post…

Many thanks again to all who visit, especially those who leave a comment or like so I can follow the links and discover new blogs to enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Words – 3 Plans for November

  1. Jo

    I still haven’t caught up with your previous posts and photos, much to my embarrassment. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I’ve still got 96 unread posts in my feed reader. 😳

    I’ll get to them before December, honest!!!


    1. pcpb Post author

      Just clear your feed reader and start again! Much less stressful than staring at 96 undone THINGS πŸ˜‰ Blog surfing should be a pleasure, not a chore. I don’t subscribe to any blogs or use a feeder, I just bookmark what I like and visit when I feel like it – no pressure πŸ˜€ .



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