Words – 2

When I started pocketcameraphotoblogger I deliberately chose not to commit myself publicly or privately to daily posting to avoid pressure and what seemed like fairly inevitable failure-due-to-being-ill. At the beginning of September I set myself a private one month “post every day” challenge and (yay me!) I’ve done it! Visitor stats have gone up, I’ve had some lovely feedback, discovered new blogs to visit and I’ve even inspired someone else to start their own photoblog. All of which is very satisfying indeed.

Naturally as a new month starts I’ve been thinking about what to do next. Whether to make an absolute commitment to daily posting for the foreseeable future, to change the commitment to five times a week instead of seven, to go back to not having a specific goal or (and this is what I’ve decided on) to simply renew the “every day for a month” challenge for October. The difference is that it’s now a publicly stated goal rather a private one, so the pressure to succeed is slightly greater!

Many thanks to all who visit pocketcameraphotoblogger and encourage me by commenting (via WP or other methods), clicking “like” or simply adding to the stats counter. Thanks also to all the other photobloggers who share their images for me to appreciate and be inspired by. And special thanks to Ian of Rambling Pictures fame for getting me started in the first place and for ongoing support.

And now on to October’s challenge… First a picture of the moon to celebrate the new month, but expect to see a lot of autumn leaves!


2 thoughts on “Words – 2

  1. Ian y Luis (@la_pasera)

    Thanks for the acknowledgement PCPB but it has been your effort and motivation that has helped you come this far with some increasingly interesting and inspired shots, however, I think it is motivating for all of us who take photographs to both give and receive feedback. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing what October brings…..:-)



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